Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant

I firmly believe those words were uttered Tuesday evening. From this earth passed a strong and courageous woman who fought tirelessly against the horrible disease known as cancer.

I wasn't close to this woman. We weren't friends. We had three common ties: ACU, GATA and one of my best friends. We didn't hang out, we didn't email or keep in touch after I graduated. We really weren't much more than acquaintances. It wasn't until after she died that I realized I had a lot of respect for this woman. My heart hurts for her family and it hurts for her friends. Those who were with her in her final hours and those who didn't get to say good-bye. She was strong and she knew that life was a gift. She was a fighter.

Her funeral is tomorrow, and though we were not close friends, I think this funeral will be one of the most difficult I've ever attended. I sent a mass email out to fellow GATAs yesterday, and by this morning, I had 24 saying they would put in money to purchase a flower arrangement for the family. Not all of these girls were friends with her, but all of them realize that we share a strong common bond. It's the bond of sisterhood, held by strands of red and white, we support those who are hurting and those that need us most. As I was ordering flowers yesterday, I read the card that the sponsors are sending to the family. It hit me how strong the bond of sisterhood truly is. I leave you with those words...

"I'll think of you GATA, and smile when I do..."