Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ready to Set "Sale"

Garage Sales are from Satan. I hate them, and yet for some reason, still unkown to me, I signed on to contribute to and work a garage sale. It was the largest garage sale I've ever been apart of in terms of merchandise and profit. For those of you who remember the big GATA garage sale at my house a few years ago, you can imagine how big this one was.

It was a "four family" garage sale and let me just tell you that only crazy people have garage sales in July. 102 degrees in good ole' Abilene yesterday and 97 today. Oh yes, we had a Friday and Saturday sale. Was it worth my time you ask? Basically, with the money I made and the time I spent, I figured that I made about $5.25 an hour. Now, I'm not complaining about the's more than I started out with. I'm merely wanting to state how tiring and high maintenance garage sales can be. And I only worked Friday and Saturday. The other people involved worked on it all week. CRAZY!

Other news...hum...not really a whole lot going on right now. I got to see my friend Jamie last night and meet her fiance for the first time. They're getting married in two weeks, so I'm glad I got to meet him before they said "I do." Super nice guy and they make a cute couple! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings which is one of mine and Jamie's old "rest stops." Fun times. I'll be traveling west the next two weekends. Going to visit my pals in Lubbock next weekend and then the following weekend I'll be traveling to Jamie's wedding. And, other than my weekend trips, nothing else is very exciting in my life. Sad? Maybe. But, I'm enjoying the break because in a few will be crazy again.

So, my basic message is this: Don't host a garage sale in July and Don't host a garage sale in July...or August for that matter. Simple.