Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Holiday

EXCELLENT MOVIE! If you see one movie this holiday season...make sure you see The Holiday! Extremely cute! Superb performances from EVERYONE in the cast! And how hot is Jude Law? Oh, he's very hot, my friend! So funny, so witty, so clever...Basically, I can't say enough great things about it.

Quick salute to my friend Kim who graduates with her Masters in a few days. What an accomplishment! Congrats Kim!

Christmas is in 13 days and I am so excited! Four days after Christmas I'm heading to California for a mini vaca and then I'm going to Georgia for a conference. Then, I return to grand ole' Abilene and will be moving into a new residence. I have a pretty full couple of weeks ahead of me.

I've only purchased one Christmas present so far. When am I going to finish my Christmas shopping? Probably on Christmas Eve.

Ok, so my friend Mel is getting married in 10 days...not 4 as I previously posted. So surreal. It seems like yesterday we were riding on 4-wheelers on my farm, driving through tornadoes in Fort Worth, making costumes in Nelson Park, driving through town in White Lightning...those were the days. Here's to many more!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

He Has Arrived!

Allow me to introduce you to the new little love of my life...Sutton Gregory Peck.

I'll post better photos as soon as I can. Isn't he absolutely adorable?!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Several Thoughts

First, I've seen two good movies over the past few weeks that I recommend: Happy Feet (I've seen it twice) and Casino Royale. Both great movies, however, I wouldn't take your child to see James Bond...stick to Happy Feet. Did anybody else who has seen Happy Feet have an urge to adopt baby penguins? Maybe it was just me. Did anybody else who has seen Casino Royale want to desperately be James Bond's girlfriend? Maybe it was just me. Hum...

This time one month from now I'll be moving into a new home. Still in Abilene, however much smaller than the house I currently live in. This will be an adjustment, but I am SO excited. Three reasons for my excitment: I will no longer be living with boys (boys is plural because my brother's friends are always at the house); my new roommate is so freakin' funny it's not even, well...funny. We're going to have a blast; and last, I get to decorate a new space! Doesn't everyone love a fresh start?!

I visited Lubbock this past weekend for a friend's wedding shower. It was so good to see the girls who came to town for the shower. I often miss my good friends from college. Weren't those the days? Homework was important. Social club issues were important. What to do on the weekends in Abilene was important. Stressing about how many chapel absences we had was important. Really? How important are those things now? Being able to see your best friends anytime of the day was taken for granted. Laughter and pranks were a part of everyday life. Those were the days. It was so good to be with those friends again, laugh and joke around. But, I couldn't help but notice that things are different. I'm assuming this is what happens as you "grow-up." Conversations turn to jobs, fiances, weddings, law school, family, political issues, etc. When did we get so boring? (I am in no way degrading fiances, weddings, law school, etc. I'm proud of all of my friends) Before too long, we'll be talking about jobs, husbands, kids, finances, church groups, politics, PTA, etc. Not that those things are bad by any means. I just find it humorous that we're growing up. I want our times spent together to be carefree, light hearted, and unconsumed by daily life. The problem is, our lives have changed. In college, we all had common denominators: club, school, friends. All of us for the most part had the same interests, the same schedules. None of us have the same interests or schedules anymore. We all have different jobs, some are engaged, some are single, some are married, some are in school, some live in houses, some rent apartments, some live in the same town, some are alone in their town. Things change, and so we have changed. Our time spent together has changed. Our relationships have changed. None of this is necessarily bad, and it has in no way changed how much I treasure these friendships...it's just different. What a journey we're on!

On a lighter note, within the next day or two, I'll be an aunt! I mean, not really an aunt. Don't worry...my sister isn't having a baby and my brother hasn't gotten anybody pregnant. However, one of my best friends is currently in the hospital waiting for her first son to arrive. Have no fear...I will be posting pictures as soon as little Sutton gets here!