Sunday, June 07, 2009

Levi Has Left the Building...or Body

In an attempt to deal with being diagnosed with a tumor, my sister and I named my little growth Levi so we could laugh about it and joke around about carrying Levi on my back, Levi bothering me, etc. Well, I'm glad to say Levi is no longer with us!

I went into surgery at 7:30am Monday, June 1st expecting to be under the knife for at least three hours. By 9:15am, my surgeon was in the waiting room talking with my parents telling them my surgery was a perfect success and was much easier than they expected! Praise the Lord...literally! I have no doubt my surgeon's swift & steady hands and the ease of the surgery was all due to the many prayers lifted on my behalf and the amazing works of God!

My surgeon expected me to be released from the hospital on Wednesday, but because I was making such a speedy recovery, I was released Tuesday afternoon! I've been home resting since and am feeling pretty good! Thank goodness for the miracle of hydrocodone and muscle relaxers! I'll be resting in bed for several more days. I'm able to walk around the house some, but get tired pretty easy, so resting is definitely a priority right now. You really don't ever know how much you use your back until you're not supposed to use it!

I'll go back to work in July...until then, it's like a restful vaca! Can't say that I'm minding laying around too much just yet, however as I become more mobile, I have not doubts I'll be itching to get out of the house!

I really want to thank all of you for your prayers, visits, flowers, calls, messages, food and support. I'm so blessed to have amazing friends and family!