Monday, November 24, 2008


If you weren't at Shotwell Stadium Saturday, November 22nd then you missed a record-breaking, heart-stopping, awe-inspiring game! ACU vs West Texas A&M. 93-68. 'Nough said.

Over 9,000 fans filled Shotwell Stadium (not much compared to Big 12 teams, but great for our little D2 school) to watch history unfold! We were so close to scoring 100 points we could taste it. Good news...we have this weekend to try again for 100! ACU faces Northwest Missouri this Saturday, November 29th at noon. We're going for 12-0 baby!

Here are some links to stories about the game. It's a great time to be a Wildcat folks!

We were on Yahoo Sports front page!

Here's the D2Football home page...Offensive Explosion!

Here's Sports Illustrated...

And the Ft Worth Star Telegram.

And, to the site of our sad opponent...WT A&M

Those are just a few featuring the great ACU Wildcats. If you're close to Abilene Saturday, you'll want to come see what promises to be a great match-up. On to VICTORY!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gladys and Ellen

I needed a laugh today and the clip below was sent to me. I love Ellen! She cracks me up! I DVR her show everyday! Hope you find this as funny as I do!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I would imagine that nearly every person in America realizes that today is election day. What a day?! A day that could forever change American history. What a privilege?! What a gift it is to be able to vote on who our next leader will be. There are people all over this world who are envious at the fact that we are able to voice our opinion on who will be our next President. People who would kill to have the right to vote on who would lead their country. People who would die to have the freedom we do, the rights we do. It wasn't that long ago that we as Americans fought to separate from a tyrannical society so that we might have our freedom to become our own people. Individuals with the right to vote. It wasn't that long ago that women weren't allowed to vote. That African Americans weren't allowed to vote. And yet, I hear people say everyday, "I'm not voting." "My vote doesn't count anyway." "We know who's going to win, why waste my time?" This is the most frustrating thing for me to hear right now! I could care less as to who you vote for, but get out there and vote! Last week on Ellen, Wanda Sykes said that she thought everyone who was registered to vote but didn't should be punished. Like, when there's a flu epidemic going around, everyone gets flu shots but those who didn't vote! I love it! My line is pretty much, "If you don't vote, I don't want to ever hear you complain about who is in office." I don't feel you have the right to complain, if you're not going to exercise your right to vote.

Most of my good friends know I dislike politics. I don't like talking about them, or listening to them, watching them, seeing them...I just really don't enjoy politics. I know enough, research enough, and read enough to make an educated decision on who I want to vote for, and I go with it. I don't vote straight ticket because I think it's lazy. If all of my candidates happen to be republican, great. If the majority happen to be democrat, fine. I don't force my opinions on anyone and I don't want other opinions forced on me. If you open your mouth and voice your opinion, you're opening the door for other comments...other opinions. Basically saying, come right yourself...tell me what you believe. That's how politics work. Everyone has their own belief, their own opinion, their own candidate...and it is absolutely their right! We are a strong people! Independent thinkers! Free thinkers. The key being free.

I had the opportunity to visit two of my best friends this weekend, both very committed to what they believe in, both very knowledgeable about why they believe what they believe. They happen to be voting for a different candidate than I, but it was never an issue. We discussed how our thoughts and beliefs had changed since college. How we had matured over the years. How years ago we would have voted one way, said one thing, or thought one way...but now have begun to see things differently. Basically, we're growing up. It was wonderful to see these friends and have calm, rational conversations...even conversations that touched on politics.

I encourage you to vote today. If you haven't researched who's running, do so. Even in state and local races. They are often times just as important! If you're voting on laws, propositions, etc., know what you're voting on. They can change so much and effect so many people! Be thankful we live in a country where we have the right to vote. Be thankful we are a society of people who care who our leaders will be. Be thankful we are Americans!
Amazing Grace

I DVR Oprah everyday. Not because I like Oprah, but because about once a week she'll have a show I'm interested in and it fills the gap if for some reason I don't have anything else to watch. So, last night I was clearing out all of my Oprah episodes and came across one that was endorsing her new favorite gadget...I was intrigued. The gadget turned out to be some electronic "book"...Amazon Kendall or something like that. Basically, you download books and it saves them for you in one nice, neat little notebook. Well, I'm not a reader so I could care less and subsequently deleted the show.

HOWEVER, before she introduced her new gadget, she introduced something she described as amazing. She was right. Il Divo performed "Amazing Grace" from their new cd The Promise. I had chills. It was beautiful. So, this morning I found the actual video on YouTube...don't you just love YouTube?! The video is below. I hope you enjoy. I still have chills and I've watched it several times. I think a lot of us need to be reminded sometimes that we're only here because of Amazing Grace. It was definitely a good reminder for me!

Raider Power

It was probably one of the most intense things I've experienced in a long time. Definitely one of the most intense football games I've ever experienced! Texas vs Texas Tech. People are still talking about this game and will be for a very long time! I was there. Amongst the students, fans, Raiders, Longhorns, drunks, was a night I'll never forget!

Me and Julie before the game

The band before the game...they had a freakin' awesome band

Watching the players run through the hall onto the field

Raider field entry

56,333 people packed into Jones AT&T Stadium which only holds 54,000


The infamous 1 second

Storming the field...the third and final time!

'Nough said