Thursday, June 21, 2007


Have you ever been attracted to someone you know you have no business being attracted to? I think it's the thrill that is so enticing. Or maybe the flirting.

Such a predicament.
Tis the Season

I spent this past weekend in East Texas where yet another friend of mine got married. We were best friends for years and years, so I was looking forward to heading home and seeing old friends, family and spending some R & R by the pool.

So, the R & R by the pool didn't actually take place because it rained for nearly the entire weekend. So, I watched a few movies curled up on my parents couch instead!

I spent some time with the fam up at the restaurant, got in a flower fight with my mom and sister, and ate some great food. There are a few family shots below.

The wedding took place Saturday evening and it was very nice. It was a simple ceremony, at a quaint Victorian house, with beautiful gardens and a precious chapel. It fit my friend Nicole to a tee. I was able to see old friends, meet new ones, and witness one of the most important days in my friends life. I've posted a few pics from the wedding as well.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Kendall Bailey Harrison

This past weekend I had the privilege of traveling to Brady, TX to witness my friend Kendall's wedding. Allow me to break down the weekend for you...

-Julie arrives at my house to be my travel buddy for the weekend. We leave Abilene and head to Brady.
-Arrive at the Bible camp (wedding site) in Brady and "check" into our cabin. 12 beds lined up on two walls...we had our choice of beds since it was just Kendall, Julie and I who stayed in the girls cabin.
-Change clothes and head to the rehearsal.
-Play bride during the rehearsal since some people have superstitions that its bad luck for the bride to walk down the aisle before her wedding day. Apparently some people say that the person who pretends to be the bride is the next one to get married...yikes!
-Head to rehearsal dinner. Listen to embarrassing stories about Kendall's husband, listen to a great band, watch a grand total of 8 people dance, leave the rehearsal dinner at approx. 11pm.
-Cruise the great town of Brady looking for an open fast food restaurant. Stop at McDonald's and ask the two workers who are on their smoke break if McDonald's was still open. Of course it wasn't. However, they informed us that the Town & Country gas station was still open and they have great burritos.
-Head to Town & Country for snacks. Apparently everyone else in Brady had the same idea...wait in line to check out for approx. 15 minutes. Everyone could tell Julie and I were not from Brady. I wonder how they could tell.
-Go back to the cabin, get into our pajamas, eat our snacks, watch a few episodes of The Office on Julie's computer, go to sleep.
-Breakfast Friday morning at Burrito Express with Kendall and Julie.
-Head to Brownwood to drop my stuff off at our motel for Friday night, visit family, hang out with Mel and Michael.
-Drop my luggage off at America's Best Value Inn. The title does not say it all.
-Stop by the Brownwood mall, eat lunch, see a movie (read further for a review), change clothes, head to wedding w/Rachel, Mel, Michael, Jennifer and Lucas.
-Arrive back at the camp. Kendall gets married, nice ceremony, lots of mosquitoes.
-Rachel and I head to the reception tent to cut cake. Grooms cake begins to melt in the heat so I have to cut fast. Chocolate cake all over my hands.
-Bride/Groom leave, pack up Julie's luggage, head back to Brownwood for the night at our fine motel.
-Order pizza, watch tv, sleep.
-Head back to Abilene Saturday. Come home to an 85 degree smelly house. My air conditioner and refrigerator broke in the same weekend. Not a good smell.
-Clean house, sweat to death, call landlord.

That's basically the weekend in a nutshell.

Here are a few pictures...

Now, in case you were thinking about seeing the movie Knocked Up, I would caution you to think twice. The movie really, for the most part, isn't that bad. Until the end of the movie. Let me just give you a heads-up and say that if you don't want to see every part of a woman who is in the middle of child birth, don't go see this movie. Basically, if you don't want a repeat of the 5th grade sex ed. video where you have to watch a real birth, skip this movie. It was intense and I definitely gagged!
Have a great week everyone!