Thursday, December 08, 2005

100 Things About Me

I had some free time and felt inspired by other blogs I've ready lately, so I decided to post a list of 100 things about me. So, here they are, in no particular order.

1. I love surveys.
2. I sometimes write on my blog or look at other blogs instead of working.
3. I’m currently re-decorating both my house and office.
4. I wish I had an expense account for my house.
5. I want a new SUV.
6. I’ve never had a car over 2 years.
7. I usually wreck them.
8. I’ve been in 4 car accidents and have totaled 3 cars.
9. The constant weather changes this winter are making my head and knees hurt.
10. Christmas time (Nov.-Dec.) is my favorite time of the year.
11. Christmas is my 1st favorite holiday.
12. Followed closely by Thanksgiving, 4th of July and my b-day.
13. My family watches Christmas Vacation every Thanksgiving.
14. We watch White Christmas every Christmas.
15. I would like to have a home in Montana someday.
16. I’ve never owned a video game in my life(Nintendo, PlayStation, etc.)
17. Dolly Parton is my absolute favorite celebrity.
18. Mariska Hargitay is a close second.
19. Patrick Dempsey is one of the hottest men alive.
20. Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite shows.
21. I’m also a huge fan of Desperate Housewives, CSI(all of them), Law & Order(all of them), Criminal Minds, Sex and the City and Golden Girls.
22. I have perfect eyesight.
23. I have a home phone, but the only people who use that number are telemarketers, therefore, I do not answer my home phone.
24. I don’t believe I could live without my cell phone.
25. I’m allergic to cats, but they’re my favorite type of pet.
26. My second favorite pet is my sister’s dog, Maxie, who is a Yorkie.
27. I started college as a Journalism/Mass Comm. major.
28. I then changed to a Psychology major.
29. I ended up in Family and Consumer Science.
30. I finished my degree my junior year, so I picked up Business Management my senior year.
31. I hate Wal-Mart.
32. All of my close friends in Abilene are over the age of 30.
33. I’ve always wished to be older…not sure how I’ll feel when I’m 30.
34. I don’t love children.
35. I miss my friends from college a lot.
36. I broke my jaw in high school while eating mashed potatoes.
37. We later found out it was the result of a soccer injury.
38. I broke my nose during my senior year of college playing football.
39. I love sports…playing and watching.
40. I must marry a man who likes sports.
41. I must marry a man who likes to hunt.
42. Bottom line: I must get married.
43. I received my first perm when I was 18 months old.
44. I had very fine hair as a child and my mother thought it would hold curl better.
45. I had a perm every year after that until high school.
46. Failure is probably my greatest fear.
47. I’m also very afraid of ghosts.
48. I’m intrigued by Johnny Depp.
49. I become intrigued by people very easily.
50. I have one brother(20) and one sister(18).
51. My brother is a sophomore at ACU and my sister will be a freshman at ACU next year.
52. They’re growing up so fast!
53. I adore my family.
54. My mom and dad met at ACU.
55. My mom used to be a stay-at-home mom and my dad used to be an oil field engineer.
56. They now own a restaurant called The Farmhouse.
57. I love parades.
58. All of my ex boyfriends, with the exception of the gay one, are now engaged or married.
59. The last one to get engaged was the hardest for me to accept.
60. I’m becoming very good at handling crisis situations in my job. They’re happening a lot this year.
61. I hate wearing dresses.
62. I own a lot of suits.
63. I love PF Changs. I often crave their lettuce wraps.
64. I love a lot of restaurants that Abilene doesn’t have.
65. One of my dream jobs is to be a movie director.
66. Another of my dream jobs is to be a speaker with Women of Faith.
67. I’ve never told anyone about #66.
68. I have my entire wedding planned out with the exception of my bridesmaid’s dresses and my dress.
69. And, with the exception of the groom. Minor detail.
70. I want to live in a major city, downtown, in a flat someday.
71. LA/Hollywood is one of my favorite cities, but I don’t want to live there.
72. I really like Nashville too…I could live there.
73. My mom always wanted a daughter she could call Jenni after she saw the movie Camelot, so she named me Jennifer.
74. The only people who call me Jenni are my family and a few friends from high school.
75. Most people call me Jennifer, Jen or Ellison.
76. I guess I have one of those last names that people like to say instead of your first name. I’ve been called Ellison since junior high.
77. I sing in my car when I’m listening to the radio or to cds.
78. I love singing.
79. The only reason I miss chapel is for the singing.
80. I hate running, but I love the way I feel after I work-out.
81. My favorite work-out is Body Pump.
82. I don’t do cardio very often, but I have Body Pump every MWF…lifting weights is much more fun than running in place.
83. Slow drivers drive me insane.
84. I love baths, but I rarely take them.
85. I love buying books, but I don’t read them.
86. I have tons of books at my house, most of which I’ve never read.
87. I’m the youngest member of Rotary in Abilene. Probably in Texas. Could be in the US.
88. I relieve stress by lying on my couch watching TV or by driving around campus.
89. I love going home to my parents house and driving around their farm with the windows down.
90. I have one cow, named Meredith, who has had over 10 calves that make me a lot of money. I’m about to have to sell Meredith and I’ll probably cry.
91. I rarely cry.
92. My grandparents recently sold their house on the lake and now live in Van about a mile from my parents.
93. Both of my dad’s parents are dead and I miss them very much.
94. I hate scary movies.
95. I love smoking cigars with my friends on my back porch.
96. I hate it when people cancel out on plans, events, nights out, etc. When you make plans, stick with them.
97. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is getting facials.
98. I love listening to and singing Christmas songs.
99. I sleep better in hotels and B&B’s than I do my own bed.
100. I think it’s hard coming up with 100 things about yourself.


Anonymous said...


pretty amazing what you learn when you read friends' '100 things about me' lists...

i can definitely agree with several of them (i.e. 2, 19-21, 63 and 64, 83, 77-79...)

and i can laugh at more. you crack me up.

love ya.

Katey said...

I feel you on the last name calling. I have answered to "Earles" for as long as I can remember. Nashville is great- momve here! And you will always be Ellison to me. Miss you! :)

stuckinthe80s said...

#84 made me giggle.

And Patrick Dempsey, huh? Ever seen "Can't Buy Me Love"???