Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Quickie

Did anyone else get choked up watching Grey's Anatomy tonight? In my old age I think I'm becoming more sentimental. Anyway, it broke my heart.

As I'm typing, its 86 degrees in my house. My air conditioner is broken. Seriously, I'm pretty sure my appliances are about to overheat. My refrigerator is having a tough time keeping things cool it's so freakin' hot!

I hate that this was the subject of my first post in two months, but I've been a busy girl. However, I promise to write more very soon. In fact, I have my next 3 posts already picked out...
#1 - How I rescued my little cousin from drowning.
#2 - My trip to California, which includes my first visit to Disneyland
#3 - My cousin Camden and my cousin Jadyn's birthday party.

And yes, I have pictures for all 3! But, be patient my faithful followers...I must get through graduation first!

Looking forward to cooler temperatures...


Jody said...

OH thank heavens you updated. I almost kicked you off my Blogs To Follow! Love ya, take care during Graduation, tell the Crew Hi!

FeedingYourMind said...

Ha ha! I was giving a friend a hard time tonight because she said she bawled through Grey's Anatomy tonight (I don't watch the show). So a little while ago (as she continued to try to defend her emotions) she left me a message saying she counted 7 people's status' on facebook saying they cried too! HA! So then when I came and saw your blog, I was like..."Oh no...not again" ;)

I guess it was a good one. I too get emotional a LOT easier nowadays in life. I probably would have cried too...I aint ashamed...I tear up in The Biggest Loser...HA HA!