Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Time to Vent

I would like to take this opportunity to vent about something I feel very passionate about. I don't generally use my blog to discuss negative issues, but today, I can't help it. I have a new found hatred for construction workers. It seems that EVERYTHING in Abilene is under construction right now. The loop, North 1st, I-20 and our entire campus!

I moved into my office in December, right as the construction on the new dorm was beginning. For nine months now, we(me and my colleagues) have literally been a few feet from what I like to call "hell." Try to imagine the sounds I hear EVERY DAY...tractors running, tractors backing up with that stupid beeping noise, jack hammers, cement trucks, construction workers screaming out profanity across the parking lot, and not to mention the conversations held by the hispanic men who gather on their breaks right outside of our windows. Literally, right outside our windows...they sit in our grass, on our ledge conversing back and forth in a language I don't understand. We have their break schedule memorized! Imagine negotiating a contract with an agent from New York and trying to explain to her what all of that noise in the back ground is..."Oh, that's a tractor breaking up the concrete across the street and a bunch of workers standing outside my window eating lunch."

A few weeks ago, they placed a huge dumpster right in our front yard...this dumpster was two car lengths long...right in our front yard. We've had steam rollers in our drive way, trailors blocking us in/out, trucks nearly running us over...I can't take it any longer!

So, this week, on top of the wonderful masterpiece they are constructing...God said..."Ha! I'll add rain too! That will be really funny!" So, it poured for 3 days straight here in the good ole' city of Abilene...any of you know what happens when it rains for 3 days in Abilene? That's floods. So, now what we have is a mud pile with a dorm in the middle of it. My car is covered in clay and shoes are covered in clay and pant legs have mud all over the back of them. If I thought they would understand what I am saying, I would go out to these workers and tell them what I really think...and hand them my cleaning bill! wouldn't do me any good. They'd look at the crazy white lady and laugh.

So, for today, I'll glare at the construction workers, shoot them dirty looks, and pray that they are gone in two weeks. Which, if you are wondering, is a week after school has already started!


julesforstenholm said...


The sun'll come out tomorrow... sorry it's such a pain! Love ya and miss ya!

Katey said...

You need to contain your hottiness so the Mexican Construction Workers do not lust after you Jen. Then maybe there won't be so many problems! :)

Anonymous said...

I almost ran over a construction guy today :)